Friday, December 13, 2013

Houston/Montrose Street Style!
Vintage, recycled, reusable clothing have all been my 3 favorite words recently as I have been adventuring the Houston city for unique clothing styles that would express my fashion style. It can be hard to determine what kind of look you are trying to create for yourself in the pursuit of finding your own identity. Yet I find this challenge one of the most rewarding processes that one can go through since it will ultimately define and shape your identity to inevitably form the way you act, talk, and think for the better or worse. Hopefully for the better. Because it is then I believe when you begin to accept the way you were created by honing your style identity. I believe that fashion can do this from observing everyday people from walking around my favorite places located at Montrose in Houston T.X.. I always vintage store hop here in my usual hot spots and in this day I ran into a photographer named Cristie Williams who managed to capture the essence of the Houston street style in the streets of Montrose on Westheimer taking photographs of peoples street fashion. Cristie took photos of everyday people's style who were walking along where she took a photo of me that I absolutely adore. Montrose is close to all my favorite hipster cafe shops like Agora, Brazil and Southside Espresso and your to die for vintage clothing outlets where the stylish people you always wonder buy there clothes at such as shops called, Pavements, Leopard Lounge Taxi Taxi and so on. Houston has been my playground where I grew up at, in a small country town in the outskirts of Houston called Needville. It was not until this year transferring to the University of Houston that I was able to explore city life and it has been a roller coaster of great adventures and opportunities for myself that would not have been possible without great friends and living in the city. I want to show the style that we all have to hopefully create confidence and open up the dialect of creating your own style to promote imagination and pursuing your dreams. If a small county boy like myself is able to go out and pursue his ambitions, then I hope that I can inspire you all to do the same. I am including a slide show of the pictures that Cristie put together from the Montrose location and the picture she took of me down below.
Vintage Hippy Shirt from Leopard Lounge in HTX

Photographer Cristie William Website:

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