Monday, January 27, 2014

Designer: Johanna Johnson
I am just obsessed with Johanna Johnson, not only was she so genuine and sweet while I was assisting her backstage as an intern at the 4th annual Fashion Houston 2013 Audi fashion show but Johanna is becoming a must wear designer as seen here on the 2014 Grammys. I have been seeing her designs being worn a lot on celebs this year. Christine teagan just recently wore a sparkling slit gold gown from Johanna Johnson blinding everyone at The Grammy Award's red carpet. While the singer Pink followed with a geourgeous moderate front slit strapless dress that has a corsetry-inspired bodice with bodycon seaming esthetics as seen on the runway at Fashion Houston 2013, that I still remember Johanna had me send to get steamed in preparation for the runway show. It is great to see the dresses at The Grammy Awards 2014 since seeing the detail they have from first hand experience and exposure to the Johanna Johnson brand.

Christine Teigan 
Singer: Pink
Model: Valeria Mata from Fashion Houston

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